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Submitting a Public Service Announcement
To find out how to submit a Public Service Announcement to 1590 KLIV, click here.


Access to Capital for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner who’s interested in raising debt or equity financing? Join the Fremont Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, October 21st to discuss new forms of capital and other business related items. The event

7th Annual Ravenswood Ride and Yoga

Raise funds for the Ravenswood Family Heath Center as part of their 7th Annual Ride & Yoga. Help provide medical, dental and mental health services to families who otherwise couldn’t afford them. Visit for more information.

CreaTV’s Non-Profit Media Day

Are you a local non-profit looking to tell your story? Visit CreaTV on Thursday, October 22nd for their first ever Non-Profit Media Day. Learn how to use their resources for both outreach and education. Call (408) 295-8815,

Villa Calle SJ

Join thousands of walkers, bikers and skaters on Saturday as several miles of San Jose streets are closed, for the Viva Calle S-J event. Six miles of roadways will be closed to traffic from Emma Prusch Farm

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful

Join the group “Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful” on Saturday, October 3rd to celebrate World Habitat Day. They’re looking for volunteers to help clean up our local estuaries, and are asking would-be cleaners to meet at the ballfields

Cattle Safety in our County Parks

Visit the Bear Ranch Pole Barn at Coyote Lake on Saturday, October 17th to learn about how you can be a safer hiker during grazing season in our County Parks. This free event begins at 10:00am and