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Spirit to Spirit! Thursdays at 8:00pm.  Listen to Dr. Sterling Harwood and his Guests, as they discuss Shocking, Startling and Revealing information on True Crime Stories, Conspiracy Theories, the Paranormal and More!

Dr. Sterling’s Spirit to Spirit! Is the New Hit Talk Show dedicated to the Spirited Discussion of Conspiracy Theories, the Difference between the Spirit and the Letter of the Law, True Crime Stories, Unsolved Mysteries and the Paranormal. Listen to 1590AM KLIV Thursdays at 8:00pm. To contact Dr. Sterling, call 408-259-7777 for suggestions for the show or to schedule a free initial legal consultation.
Spirit to Spirit! is sponsored by:
The Law Office of Sterling Harwood & Associates; their practice includes: Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate Law, Immigration, Contracts, Corporations, Partnerships, Medical Malpractice, Restraining Orders and Civil Litigation. Contact Dr. Sterling, Attorney at Law, for your legal needs at The Law Offices of Sterling Harwood & Associates at 408-259-7777 or www.sanjosecalawfirm.net.

Do you have suggestions for the show? Are you interested in being a Guest? Contact The Law Offices of Sterling Harwood & Associates at 408-259-7777 or online www.sanjosecalawfirm.net.

To learn more about Dr. Sterling Harwood and for a complete list of the shows and songs visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sterling_Harwood

December 2013
26 Spirit To Spirit (download podcast)
November 2013
26 Spirit To Spirit (download podcast)
September 2013
26 "Is Global Warming a Hoax?" featuring Dr. Evan Hughes (download podcast)
5 The Vaccine/Autism Conspiracy Theory Part I: The Case for Conspiracy: w/ Marcela Morales(download podcast)
August 2013
22 Star Trek and Space Exploration Mysteries – w/ Dr. Marquita Byrd – San Jose State University (download podcast)
June 2013
13 JFK Conspiracy Theories: (w/guest Dr James Fetzer of the University of Minnesota/Duluth)(download podcast)
6 9-11 Conspiracy Theories: (w/guest Dr James Fetzer of the University of Minnesota/Duluth) (download podcast)
May 2013
30 Conspiracy Theories and ConspiracyCon 2013: (w/guest Brian Hall, Producer of ConspiracyCon 2013)(download podcast)
9 Is the story of Jesus just a rip off of astrological stories? (With guest Dr. Gerald Grudzen of San Jose State University). Discussion on the conspiracy theory film… “Zeitgeist” (download podcast)
2 Did America Land Men on the Moon?: The Moon Landing Hoax: (w/guest Dr James Fetzer of the University of Minnesota/Duluth)(download podcast)
April 2013
18 Liberal Media Bias: A Conspiracy Theory Debunked (w/Guest Dr. Suchitra Abel of Santa Clara University) (download podcast)
March 2013
28 Big Scientific Mysteries (w/Guest Dr. Seth Shostak of SETI) (download podcast)
December 2012
8 Hanukkah Special: Crimes Against Humanity & Conspiracies Against Israel (w/Guest Dr. Don Habibi, UNC/Wilmington) (download podcast)
November 2012
22 49th Anniversary JFK Assassination 1 Hour Special (w/Guest Filmmaker John Hankey & Lincoln Law Honor Student Rick Hartman) (download podcast)
18 Russia, Politics & Monarchism Demystified (w Guest Dr Richard Lane) (download podcast)
11 Religious Mysticism Demystified (w Guest Dr Gerald Gruzden) (download podcast)
4 Paterno, Pedophiles & Predatory Priests (w/Guest Dr. Steve Sullivan) (download podcast)
October 2012
31 Halloween Special(w/Guest Winchester Mystery House) (download podcast)
28 Mystery Men: Obama’s Birth & Romneys Wealth (w/Guest Filmmaker John Hankey) (download podcast)
21 Criminal Bankers & The Economic Collapse (w/Guest Realtor Richard Williams) (download podcast)
14 President Kennedy's Assassination (w/Guest Filmmaker John Hankey) (download podcast)

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