Lotto ticket purchased in San Jose just misses Mega Millions jackpot

    November 20, 2014--A lottery ticket that was purchased at a south San Jose gas station came within a single number of being worth millions. 
    The Mega Millions ticket  was sold at the Gas and Go on Blossom Hill Road. 
    Having only missed the mega number of 6, Lottery officials say the ticket is worth more than $460,000.  Full Story 

Two earthquakes near San Juan Bautista felt in Silicon Valley

    November 20, 2014--A pair of earthquakes shook Silicon Valley last night.
    The U.S. Geological Survey say the first quake at 10:21 p.m. was a 3.6 magnitude quake on the San Andreas fault.
    It was followed five minutes later by a 4.2 quake.
    The earthquakes were centered about 2 miles south of San Juan Bautista, and about 50 miles south of downtown San Jose.
    People could feel light shaking in San Jose, Hollister, Gilroy and Santa Cruz, with the quake felt less in the Fremont area.  Full Story

Mozilla dropping Google as default search engine

    November 20, 2014--Mozilla has decided to drop Google as the default search engine for its Firefox browser, and replace it with Yahoo for American users on their computers, phones and tablets.  
    In a statement released yesterday by Mozilla and Yahoo, the two have agreed to a five-year partnership that is a framework for other possible product integrations and deals.
    Yahoo chief executive Marisa Mayer called the five-year deal with Firefox "the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years."
    Along with ending its partnership with Google in the U.S., Mozilla is also directing Firefox to Baidu's search engine in China and Yandex in Russia.  Full Story