Phil Cosentino

Phil Cosentino - Mr. Produce can be heard weekdays at :43 after the hour from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Phil Cosentino is known as Mr. Produce – for good reason.
He’s one of the four Cosentino brothers who have managed three local stores carrying their name. For many years, Phil Cosentino was the produce director of the stores. He caused the Cosentino stores to be known throughout the are as the foremost purveyors of fruits and vegetables. For many of those years, Cosentino departed from his home in the early hours of the day and drove the Cosentino truck to farmers markets up and down the peninsula, returning to the stores with the best produce he could find. Like few other people, he knows the produce – knows the importance of distinguishing between cosmetics and taste.

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