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1590 KLIV is Silicon Valley’s only all-news radio station.

Unlike San Francisco stations KLIV’s focus is on the news, events and people of Silicon Valley. We are a rarity in today’s world of radio: a locally-owned station that serves the needs of it’s community. 

Besides local news coverage 1590 KLIV is known for our frequent and accurate traffic reports covering Silicon Valley roads and freeways. KLIV’s traffic coverage is unique in a number of ways. For example KLIV routinely tells listeners not only the location of a traffic problem but also the time it was reported to us.

1590 KLIV is an affiliate of CNN Radio, which provides up-to-the-minute national and international news. Overnights and weekends we air CNN Headline news with frequent local news and traffic updates.

1590 KLIV airs special programs such as our Tuesday night CEO Show hosted by Silicon Valley Leadership Group President and CEO Carl Guardino. We carry speakers from the San Jose Rotary Club, the Commonwealth Club and special news programs from CNN.

If you live in or around Silicon Valley we urge you to listen frequently to the only radio station that focuses on the news where you live, work and drive 1590 KLIV. 


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Business Office:                                                 Tina Ferguson
KLIV                                                                    KLIV/KRTY Sales Manager
750 Story Road                                                   (408) 961 - 0432
San Jose, CA 95122                                           tferguson@empirebroadcasting.com
(408) 293-8030                                                   

News Department:                                                               
Newsroom - (408) 475-1590                                                                                         
Fax – (408) 995-0823

News and Program Director:                                             
George Sampson
(408) 961-0428                                                                                       gsampson@empirebroadcasting.com


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