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We offer a number of simple recommendations for contributing to the environment. Topics cover a wide range, including cars, cleaning, gardening and energy efficiency. Listen and learn how to make a difference.

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May 2013
24 Pantyhose in the Garden (download podcast)
23 Wardrobe Storage (download podcast)
22 Water Runoff (download podcast)
21 Free Faucets (download podcast)
20 Greene Cleaner Tips (download podcast)
17 Keep the Bugs at Bay (download podcast)
16 Baking Soda in the Garden (download podcast)
15 Green Grill Cleaning (download podcast)
14 Extending Clothing Life (download podcast)
13 Clean a Creek (download podcast)
10 Drip Irrigation (download podcast)
9 Light Saving Methods (download podcast)
8 Recycled Shoes (download podcast)
7 Composting Beer (download podcast)
6 Green Travel (download podcast)
3 Green Camping (download podcast)
2 Lawn Water Waste (download podcast)
1 Junk the Junk Mail (download podcast)
April 2013
30 Indoor Air Pollution (download podcast)
29 Bye Bye Bills (download podcast)
26 The Pineapple Cure (download podcast)
25 When to Water (download podcast)
24 Moth Repellants (download podcast)
23 Trash the Computer (download podcast)
22 Opening the Oven (download podcast)
19 Green Flea Traps (download podcast)
18 Electric Can Openers (download podcast)
17 Indoor Plants (download podcast)
16 Park Volunteers (download podcast)
15 Battery Burnouts (download podcast)
12 Great American Litter Pickup (download podcast)
11 Sneaky Garage Toxins (download podcast)
10 Green Your Taxes (download podcast)
9 Green Flea Control (download podcast)
8 Neighborhood Cleanups (download podcast)
5 Frugal Furnishings (download podcast)
4 Lose the Litter (download podcast)
3 Spring Cleaning (download podcast)
2 Your Toilet Can Spoil It (download podcast)
1 Free Gardening Workshops (download podcast)
29 Sheet Mulching (download podcast)
28 Green Flying (download podcast)
27 Sorting Waste (download podcast)
26 Toilet Rebates (download podcast)
25 Eating those Weeds (download podcast)
22 Saving Green (download podcast)
21 Fridge Foils (download podcast)
20 Reusing Foil (download podcast)
19 Toothbrush Reuses (download podcast)
18 Taking out Take Out (download podcast)
15 Green Food Dye (download podcast)
14 Tomato Treatment (download podcast)
13 Green Gear for St. Patrick's Day (download podcast)
12 Clean & Green Carpeting (download podcast)
11 Green Beer (download podcast)
8 Water Bottle Waste (download podcast)
7 Buying in Bulk (download podcast)
6 Natural Cold Remedies (download podcast)
5 Tracking Contaminants (download podcast)
4 Tub Scrub (download podcast)
1 Water Wise Gardening (download podcast)
28 Green Home Insulation (download podcast)
27 De-puffing Eyes the Green Way (download podcast)
26 Composting Classes (download podcast)
25 Nursery Pot Reuse (download podcast)
22 Adopt a Park in San Jose (download podcast)
21 Be Happy Gardening (download podcast)
20 Mercury Thermostats (download podcast)
19 Furnace Efficiency (download podcast)
18 Dryer Sheet Alternatives (download podcast)
15 Green Hotel Stay (download podcast)
14 Thermometer Disposal (download podcast)
13 Tammy Janosik (download podcast)
12 Dispose of Paint (download podcast)
11 Shorten Dryer Cycles (download podcast)
8 Green Valentines Flowers (download podcast)
7 Green Silver Polishing (download podcast)
6 Don't Spill at the Pump (download podcast)
5 Green Valentine Cards (download podcast)
4 Green Driving (download podcast)
1 Humidfiers to $ave (download podcast)
31 Green Fabric Softners (download podcast)
30 Harmful Fabric Softness (download podcast)
29 Green Your Move (download podcast)
28 Disposing of Medication (download podcast)
25 Pantyhose in the Garden (download podcast)
24 Green Window Cleaning (download podcast)
23 Store Clothing Properly (download podcast)
22 Green Ways to Heat Food (download podcast)
18 Finding Cheap Gas (download podcast)
17 Reducing Runoff (download podcast)
16 Smart Smartphone Tips (download podcast)
15 Green Pesticides (download podcast)
14 Kill A Watt Meters (download podcast)
11 Free Faucet (download podcast)
10 CD and DVD Recycling (download podcast)
9 Silicon Valley Energy Map (download podcast)
8 Green Your Water Heaters (download podcast)
7 Green Your Fireplace (download podcast)
4 Winter Heat Suckers (download podcast)
3 New Year's Resolutions (download podcast)
2 Repurposed Greeting Cards (download podcast)
December 2012
28 Green New Year's Celebrations (download podcast)
27 Volunteer Opportunities (download podcast)
26 Tree Recycling (download podcast)
21 Holiday Entertaining (download podcast)
20 Treat Packaging (download podcast)
19 Street Sweepers (download podcast)
18 Spaghetti Sauce (download podcast)
17 Green Shipping (download podcast)
14 Green Gifts (download podcast)
13 Green Holiday Decor (download podcast)
12 Green Gift Wrap (download podcast)
11 Green Holiday Cards (download podcast)
10 Green Menorah (download podcast)
7 Greenest Trees (download podcast)
6 Stop Catalogs (download podcast)
5 Flying Green (download podcast)
4 Tough Turkey (download podcast)
3 Green Lights (download podcast)
30 Holiday Shopping (download podcast)
29 Free Green Gift Wrap (download podcast)
28 Orance Pomanders (download podcast)
23 Winter Garden (download podcast)
22 Be Thankful (download podcast)
21 Thanksgiving Prep (download podcast)
20 Buying the Bird (download podcast)
19 Thanksgiving Transportation (download podcast)
16 Light Bulb Disposal (download podcast)
15 Submerged Cell Saver (download podcast)
14 Contain Car Drips (download podcast)
13 Green Beauty Products (download podcast)
12 Stopped Up Drains (download podcast)
9 Green Over Tips (download podcast)
8 Fall Thermostat Tips (download podcast)
7 Green Dishwashing Tips (download podcast)
6 Antibacterial Soaps (download podcast)
5 Low Flow Shower Head Test (download podcast)
2 Natural Air Freshners (download podcast)
1 Green Halloween (After) (download podcast)
31 Green Halloween (Trick or Treat) (download podcast)
30 Car Tip (download podcast)
29 Wardrobe Waste (download podcast)
26 Green Halloween (Treats) (download podcast)
25 No Wire Hangars (download podcast)
24 Wardrobe Upcycling (download podcast)
23 Green Halloween (Lights) (download podcast)
22 Green Mowing (download podcast)
19 Green Halloween (Parties) (download podcast)
18 Energy Vampires (download podcast)
17 Green Halloween (Decor) (download podcast)
16 More Button Up Your Home Tips (download podcast)
15 Green Halloween (Pumpkins (download podcast)
12 Green Halloween (Costumes) (download podcast)
11 Green Energy Match (download podcast)
10 Ceiling Fan Smarts (download podcast)
9 Light Bulb Moment (download podcast)
8 Solar Ovens (download podcast)
5 Green Pruning (download podcast)
4 Eco Friendly Octoberfest (download podcast)
3 Pick of the Litter (download podcast)
2 Greenwashed Clothes (download podcast)
1 How to Dispose of Cooking Grease (download podcast)
28 Green Fall Wardrobe (download podcast)
27 Green Refrigeration (download podcast)
26 What to plant in the Fall (download podcast)
25 How to Dispose of Batteries in San Jose (download podcast)
24 Doggie Doo Don'ts (download podcast)
21 Making the Switch (download podcast)
20 Electronic Billing (download podcast)
19 Leave the Leaf Blower (download podcast)
18 Greening Your Workout (download podcast)
17 Simple Solar Tips (download podcast)
14 Green Microwaving (download podcast)
13 Junk Mail (download podcast)
12 Green Savings (download podcast)
11 Turning Off the Tap (download podcast)
10 Weed Eaters (download podcast)
7 Water Wise Gardening (download podcast)
6 Waste Not, Want Not (download podcast)
5 Wasteful Water Bottles (download podcast)
4 Things You Can Compost (download podcast)
3 Old Cell Phones (download podcast)
30 Green Back to School (download podcast)
29 Green Toilet Hack (download podcast)
28 Green Camping (download podcast)
27 Green Dryer Tips (download podcast)
24 Talk About Your Peelings (download podcast)
23 The Oily Bird Catches the Worm (download podcast)
22 Indefinite Foods (download podcast)
21 The Ties That Bind (download podcast)
20 Pool Your Resources (download podcast)
17 Keep that Refrigerator Shut (download podcast)
16 Gas Times (download podcast)
15 Grill Cleaning (download podcast)
14 Bring Your Own Hotel Supplies (download podcast)
13 Camp Water (download podcast)
10 Work Paper (download podcast)
9 Old-School Bulbs (download podcast)
8 Furniture Polish (download podcast)
7 Egg Cartons (download podcast)
6 Junk Mail (download podcast)
3 More Foods with Longer Shelf Lives (download podcast)
2 Keeping the Clippsings (download podcast)
1 Fuel Additives Don't Add Much (download podcast)
31 Greenwashing (download podcast)
30 Plastics (download podcast)
27 Emission Estimation (download podcast)
26 Lines That Don't Work (download podcast)
25 Longer Shelf Life Foods (download podcast)
24 Check That Engine (download podcast)
23 No Tailgating Outside the Stadium (download podcast)
20 Green TV (download podcast)
19 Painting for Energy Efficiency (download podcast)
18 Drain Clearing (download podcast)
17 Stale Green Traffic Lights (download podcast)
16 Water Water Everywhere (download podcast)
13 Wishy Washer (download podcast)
12 Meal Planning (download podcast)
11 Oil-Changing Tips (download podcast)
10 Avoid Jams on Road Trips (download podcast)
9 In Case of Emergency (download podcast)
6 Plastic Bottle Recycling Tip (download podcast)
5 Not All Natural Ingredients Can Be Consumed (download podcast)
4 The Printed Word On-line (download podcast)
3 Peel Out (download podcast)
2 Plant Filtering (download podcast)
29 Tune Up or Tune Out (download podcast)
28 Toaster Ovens Rule! (download podcast)
27 Get More from Your Nail Polish Bottles (download podcast)
26 Low-flow Can Become High-flow (download podcast)
25 Hand-washing Dishes (download podcast)
22 Toilet Cleaning (download podcast)
21 Sprinkling Green (download podcast)
20 Re-use Dispensers (download podcast)
19 Disposal of Old Stuff (download podcast)
18 Vacation Turn-Offs (download podcast)
15 Hand Wash Instead of Hand Wash Setting (download podcast)
14 Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite (download podcast)
13 New Life for Old Computers (download podcast)
12 Putting the Pressure on Tires (download podcast)
11 Don't Paint Yourself in a Corner (download podcast)
8 Lay Off the Cigarette Lighter (download podcast)
7 Increasing Dishwasher Efficiency (download podcast)
6 Re-usable Water Bottles (download podcast)
5 Cleaning Up after Fido and Whiskers (download podcast)
4 Vinegar for Green Cleaning (download podcast)
1 Cut Paper Towel Use (download podcast)
31 Packaging Plus (download podcast)
30 Trashing 3D (download podcast)
29 Up and ATM (download podcast)
25 Chimney-Start that BBQ (download podcast)
24 Computer Adjustments (download podcast)
23 Home-made Shampoo (download podcast)
22 Pesticide Reduction (download podcast)
21 A/C Efficiency (download podcast)
18 The Mosquitoes are Coming! (download podcast)
17 Drip Irrigation is Not an Irritation (download podcast)
16 Fanning the Flames (download podcast)
15 Be Public During the Summer (download podcast)
14 Insulation Installation (download podcast)
11 Plant Placement (download podcast)
10 Garden Watering in the Morning (download podcast)
9 Waterbed Efficiency (download podcast)
8 Green Travel Research (download podcast)
7 A/C Thermostat Settings (download podcast)
4 A Barrel of Fun for your Garden (download podcast)
3 On-Demand without a Subscription (download podcast)
2 Don't Go Print Crazy (download podcast)
1 Environmental Camping (download podcast)
30 Alternatives to Car A/C (download podcast)
27 Don't Toss Rechargable Batteries (download podcast)
26 Fire 'er Up! (download podcast)
25 Light Time is the Right Time (download podcast)
24 Green Motel Stays (download podcast)
23 A/C Prep (download podcast)
20 Condensation (download podcast)
19 Rooftop Racks (download podcast)
18 Old Cleaners (download podcast)
17 Lunch Trash (download podcast)
16 Vampires That Don't Glitter (download podcast)
13 Computer Dust Cleaners (download podcast)
12 Containers for Microwaves (download podcast)
11 Bike Tires (download podcast)
10 Tea Tree Essential Oil (download podcast)
9 Refrigerator Control (download podcast)
6 Dryer Efficiency (download podcast)
5 Old-Timey Phones (download podcast)
4 Screen Save Me! (download podcast)
3 When Life Gives You Lemons... (download podcast)
2 Green Leaf Blowing (download podcast)
30 Shopping for Furniture (download podcast)
29 Trash Bags (download podcast)
28 Cabinet Materials (download podcast)
27 The High and Termitey (download podcast)
26 Keep Those Old Eyeglasses (download podcast)
23 Leaked Information (download podcast)
22 Pedal to the Metal (download podcast)
21 Orange You Glad You Have Appeal? (download podcast)
20 Doggie Do (download podcast)
19 Keeping the Windows (download podcast)
16 Watering Plan (download podcast)
15 Internet Printing (download podcast)
14 Cleaning with Baking Soda (download podcast)
13 Bin There, Done That (download podcast)
12 Starter Plants (download podcast)
9 Dryer Efficiency (download podcast)
8 Hot Water Not So Hot (download podcast)
7 The Smart in Phones (download podcast)
6 Where Does the Energy Go? (download podcast)
5 Paper Towel Dispensers (download podcast)
2 Fill in the Blank (download podcast)
1 Cooking with Cold Water (download podcast)
29 Fish Tanks (download podcast)
28 Frozen Food (download podcast)
27 Modern Doors are Automatic (download podcast)
24 Clearing the Air (download podcast)
23 Less Iron, Man (download podcast)
22 Toothpicks (download podcast)
21 Homemade Deodorant (download podcast)
20 Tippety Tap (download podcast)
17 Plastic Recycling (download podcast)
16 Fridge Efficiency (download podcast)
15 Preview Twice, Print Once (download podcast)
14 Refrigerator Storage (download podcast)
13 Refurbished Electronics (download podcast)
10 Workout Water (download podcast)
9 Carpet Cleaning Alternatives (download podcast)
8 On-line Conferencing (download podcast)
7 Don't Drink and Drive Thru (download podcast)
6 Shopping for Recyclables (download podcast)
3 For Nozzle (download podcast)
2 Curtain Pouches (download podcast)
1 Steady Speed (download podcast)
31 Curtains for Showers (download podcast)
30 Biodegradable Containers in the Garden (download podcast)
27 Paper Bag Re-use (download podcast)
26 Mind on Recycling (download podcast)
25 Collecting Dust (download podcast)
24 Suds Matter (download podcast)
23 Burner Be Burned (download podcast)
20 No Package Software (download podcast)
19 Overrun with Printing Technology (download podcast)
18 Driving to Bike (download podcast)
17 Toothbrush or Not Toothbrush (download podcast)
13 Old Clothes (download podcast)
12 Dry Greening (download podcast)
11 Car Air Filters (download podcast)
10 Volatile Organic Compounds (download podcast)
9 Recycle Notes (download podcast)
6 Anti-Bacterial (download podcast)
5 Electronics Are Green (download podcast)
4 Firewood Ash (download podcast)
3 Clean Green Bike (download podcast)

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