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New poll finds 40 percent of voters still undecided in San Jose's mayoral race

    Though the majority of polled voters remain undecided, Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese is out in front in new polling data with just over two weeks to go before he and San Jose city councilmember Sam Liccardo face off in the San Jose Mayor's race. 
    The poll, conducted by San Jose State University researchers and commissioned by the Mercury News, finds that 34 percent of those surveyed favor Cortese, while 26 percent like Liccardo. 
    Those are the same percentages the two candidates finished with in the June primary. 
    That leaves some 40 percent of voters still undecided.  Full Story

San Jose man killed in car accident

    A car accident late Friday night in San Jose has resulted in the death of a 24-year-old man.     After the car crashed into a cement sign, 24-year-old James Edward Navarro-Junior was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on Blossom Hill Road and Waltrip Lane.
    An unidentified woman inside the vehicle was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Full Story

San Jose gas prices fall

   There's even less pain at the pump in San Jose.
    Prices fell 10 cents over the past week to an average of $3.49 a gallon.
    That means prices are 29 cents lowers than the same day a year ago, and 27 cents lower than a month ago.
    The local price average hovers a little over 35 cents above the national average, which stands at $3.12 a gallon.  Full Story

Bill in Michigan to block Tesla stores passes

    Michigan's legislature has approved a bill that would block Tesla from opening any auto dealerships in that state.  
    The legislation is aimed at blocking Tesla's direct-to-consumer, no price-haggling sales method.
    Backers say Tesla's direct sales approach represents a threat to old fashioned auto dealers.
    A Tesla official says the bill could bar them from telling people about their car.
    The governor of Michigan is expected to decide tomorrow on whether to veto the bill or sign it.  Full Story

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