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New city audit says San Jose streets are crumbling

    March 2, 2015--The streets of San Jose are deteriorating fast, according to a new city audit.
    The six month investigation has found that in a few years, 38 percent of the local roads in the city that are currently okay to drive on will fall into poor condition.
    By the end of the decade, 61 percent of all streets will also be rated in poor condition.
    The crumbling roadways are a result of budget cuts in street maintenance over the last ten years.
    The audit has found San Jose would need to triple its annual spending on road maintenance to 68-million-dollars a year.
    The city council's Transportation and Environment committee is scheduled to discuss solutions to street maintenance today and a hearing before the entire council is set for late March.  Full Story


    KLIV has something both old and new for Night Owls. Overnight Oldies, every night starting at midnight.
     A lot of people tell us they grew up listing to KLIV back when we were the South Bay’s leading Top 40 station. 
    Like them, we’ve since grown up. 
    KLIV is now Silicon Valley’s News Station. 
    But we haven’t forgotten our musical heritage.  (We also enjoy hearing those old tunes!)
    So here’s what we’re doing:  Every night at midnight we bring back the “Old KLIV” with Overnight Oldies, top hits from the 50’s and 70’s. 
    Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Jefferson Airplane, The 4 Seasons…if it was a hit we’re playing it.  
    Of course we also have frequent news and traffic updates.
    If you’re up late, up early, or if you work nights, check us out. 
    Overnight Oldies air Monday-Friday from Midnight to 5 a.m., and on weekends it’s Midnight to 6 a.m..

Ruling expected today on settlement in Silicon Valley "no poaching" case

    March 2, 2015--A federal judge is expected to rule today on a potential settlement in the high profile Silicon Valley "no poaching case."
    A $415 million settlement is expected to be ruled on U-S District Judge Lucy Koh in the class action case that alleges companies like Apple, Google, Intel and Adoble agreed to not hire on each others' workers as a way to keep wages down.
    After a plaintiff opposed it, Koh rejected a $324.5 million settlement last year because she considered it inadequate.  Full Story

Snow cover in San Jose foothills actually a sheet of hail

    March 2, 2015--It looked like snow, it felt like snow -- but it wasn't snow.
    That's what National Weather Service meteorologists say about a white blanket that coated parts of the San Jose foothills Saturday afternoon.
    The NWS meteorologists say the hills were actually partially covered with lots and lots of hail, as it was still 20 degrees too warm for snow.
    The small balls of ice had come together to form the slushy sheet of ice on the foothills during Saturday's rain.  Full Story

Hewlett Packard buying Aruba Networks for $2.7B

    March 2, 2015--Hewlett-Packard is buying wireless networking company Aruba Networks for about $2.7 billion, the biggest acquisition by HP in recent years.
    Palo Alto-based HP said the deal will boost its commercial technology business as it prepares to split into two companies, one focused on selling commercial computer systems and the other selling personal computers and printers.
    Aruba, based in Sunnyvale, makes wi-fi networking systems for shopping malls, corporate campuses, hotels and universities.  Full Story

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