Rotary Club Podcast on 1590 KLIV

Rotary Club Podcast on 1590 KLIV

    1590 KLIV broadcasts Rotary Club meetings Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.

August 2014
27 Dave Davenport (download podcast)
July 2014
30 Norman Y. Mineta (download podcast)
23 Fr. Michael "Mick" McCarthy, S.J. (download podcast)
16 Bennett Grassano (download podcast)
9 Gloria Duffy (download podcast)
2 Gary Kremin (download podcast)
June 2014
25 Mark Purdy (download podcast)
11 Steve Westly (download podcast)
4 Jed York (download podcast)
May 2014
28 Gloria Duffy (download podcast)
21 John A. Sobrato (download podcast)
14 Job Shadow (download podcast)
April 2014
30 Lori Raineri (download podcast)
23 Susan Shillinglaw (download podcast)
16 Neil Kashkari (download podcast)
9 Gary Kremen (download podcast)
March 2014
26 Frank Longo (download podcast)
19 Grant Fondo (download podcast)
12 Jeff Siebert (download podcast)
5 Dave Heagarty & Dr. Gary Silver (download podcast)
February 2014
26 Brian Adams (download podcast)
19 Rebecca Costa (download podcast)
12 Andrew Fraknoi (download podcast)
5 Stephen Black (download podcast)
22 Eva Patterson (download podcast)
15 John B. Shoven (download podcast)
December 2013
18 Dr. Raja Guha Thakurta (download podcast)
11 Jamie Reilly (download podcast)
20 Joseph Cotchett (download podcast)
13 David Jackson (download podcast)
6 William Gordon (download podcast)
16 Amir Dan Rubin (download podcast)
9 Gene Bleymeier (download podcast)
2 Jeff Rosen (download podcast)
25 Michael Kirst (download podcast)
11 Jude Barry (download podcast)
28 General Anthony Jackson (download podcast)
21 Jim Brulte (download podcast)
14 Phil Cosentino (download podcast)
7 Jim Fielder (download podcast)
July 2013
31 Jeff Thomas (download podcast)
17 Supervisors Debate (download podcast)
19 Ann Ravel (download podcast)
12 Salman Khan (download podcast)
5 Rod Diridon (download podcast)
29 Dr. Neal Slatkin (download podcast)
22 Salman Khan (download podcast)
15 Chuck Reed (download podcast)
8 Salman Khan (download podcast)
1 Richard Levy (download podcast)
24 Brian Castner (download podcast)
17 Fariba Nawa (download podcast)
10 Dorothy Cann Hamilton (download podcast)
3 Rhory McKinley (download podcast)
27 Tom McEnery (download podcast)
20 Dan Schnurr (download podcast)
13 Bryan Kramer (download podcast)
6 Carrie Davis (download podcast)
27 Daniel Sharp (download podcast)
20 Brian Adams (download podcast)
13 Tammy Janosik (download podcast)
6 Belva Davis (download podcast)
30 Harvey Rose (download podcast)
23 Basim Jabar (download podcast)
16 Gary Schlossberg (download podcast)
December 2012
19 William K. Muir, Jr. (download podcast)
12 Paul Cayard (download podcast)
5 Chuck House (download podcast)
7 Larry Gerston (download podcast)
31 Emily Sperling (download podcast)
24 Gloria Hom & Terry Chistiansen (download podcast)
10 Ro Kahanna (download podcast)
3 Phil Cosentino (download podcast)
12 Steven Yvaska (downloda podcast)
5 Michael Malone (download podcast)
29 Alex Blumberg (download podcast)
15 Rick Lombardo (download podcast)
1 Maitreya Badami (download podcast)
25 Jeff Applebaum (download podcast)
18 Steve Beall (download podcast)
27 Robert Kieve (download podcast)
13 Kris Vehrs (download podcast)
6 Kim Walesh (download podcast)
30 Dr. Robert Piccioni (download podcast)
9 Chuck Reed (download podcast)
2 Dan Roach (download podcast)
25 San Jose Mayor's Roundtable Segment 1 (download podcast)
25 San Jose Mayor's Roundtable Segment 2 (download podcast)
18 Chuck Toeniskoetter and Bill Sherry (download podcast)
11 Measure B Debate (download podcast)
March 2012
28 Education Leadership Council Winners (download podcast)
21 Peter Vidmar (download podcast)
14 Mary Jo Ignoffo (download podcast)
7 Sam Liccardo (download podcast)
February 2012
29 Deke Hunter (download podcast)
22 Brian Adams (download podcast)
15 Morgan Watkins (download podcast)
8 Lew Wolff (download podcast)
January 2012
18  LaDoris Cordell (download podcast)

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