Monday Morning Chat with the Mayor

    Every Monday morning, 1590 KLIV interviews San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed live on the air. Reed gives his opinion on the city's most important news stories and talks about his plans for the upcoming week.

    Tune in every Monday at 7:10 a.m. to hear the interview.
August 2014
25 Police Diversity & Groundwater (download podcast)
18 Water Measures and Khanna Endorsement (download podcast)
11 Cleanup of "The Jungle" (download podcast)
4 New taxes, SJPD's new Bomb Squad "drone" and the upcoming election in November (download podcast)
July 2014
14 Open government and "Sunshine Reforms" (download podcast)
June 2014
16 Olympics and Google Fiber (download podcast)
9 Liccardo Endorsement, Mayor's Election and Medical Marijuana (download podcast)
2 Medical Marijuana and Election (download podcast)
May 2014
19 Campaigns & Marijuana Dispensaries (download podcast)
12 Pot Regulations, Google Fiber & Budget Workshops (download podcast)
5 Pension Ruling, Police Complaints & Airport Fence (download podcast)
April 2014
21 Sheriff's Proposal and Agnews Land (download podcast)
14 Sheriff's Services (download podcast)
7 Disability Retirement and Library Filters (download podcast)
March 2014
24 Police Officers and E-Cigs (download podcast)
17 Century 21 Theatre, Homeless Camp, Mercury News moving to Downtown San Jose (download podcast)
10 Letter to the Editor (download podcast)
3 Pension Talks and Library Tax Extension (download podcast)
February 2014
24 Next Mayor, Tax Increase and Google (download podcast)
10 San Jose Fire Response Time (download podcast)
3 Downtown San Jose Parking (download podcast)
27 Living Wage, Wild Pigs, Tax Increase (download podcast)
13 Arson Suspect (download podcast)
6 Crime Stats and Dirty Dozen (download podcast)
December 2013
16 Living Wage and Mayor's Race (download podcast)
9 Tax Poll and Medical Marijuana (download podcast)
2 San Jose Giants Lease & Air Replenishment (download podcast)
18 Campaign Mailer and City Manager's Pay (download podcast)
11 Veterans Day (download podcast)
4 A's Possibly Playing in San Francisco (download podcast)
28 San Jose Police Chief (download podcast)
21 Police Recruits (download podcast)
30 Fireworks and Vending Machines (download podcast)
23 Settlement and Fire Trucks (download podcast)
16 City Manager and Police Chief Search (download podcast)
9 Children's Playground (download podcast)
26 Styrofoam Ban Proposal (download podcast)
12 City Council Agenda & BART (download podcast)
22 Pension Reform (download podcast)
8 Airport Emergencies, Bay 101 and BART Strike (download podcast)
24 Trees and Baseball (download podcast)
17 SAP Center and Pay Raise (download podcast)
10 Budget (download podcast)
3 Crime, Supervisor Election & Netflix (download podcast)
20 Graffiti and Medical Marijuana (download podcast)
13 Council Pay Raise & Tree Settlement (download podcast)
6 Fruit Vendors and Donation Boxes (download podcast)
29 Sign Proposal (download podcast)
22 S.J. Emergency Preparedness, Measure B and City Council start times (download podcast)
15 Airport Project and Agnews Site (download podcast)
8 Selig's Letter (download podcast)
25 Samsung Subsidiary (download podcast)
18 County Supervisor Special Election (download podcast)
11 Budget, Minimum Wage, Pot Tax (download podcast)
4 City Employee Pay Raises and Road Tax (download podcast)
25 Road Tax and Styrofoam Ban proposals (download podcast)
11 Tax Measure and Proposition 8 (download podcast)
4 State of City & Referee Tax (download podcast)
28 Homelessness (download podcast)
14 Police Chief Search (download podcast)
7 Police Chief and Vigilante (download podcast)
December 2012
17 School Safety (download podcast)
10 Crime and Chief Search (download podcast)
3 Wastewater Staffing (download podcast)
26 Airport Birds & Police Chief Search (download podcast)
19 Measure D (download podcast)
5 Election (download podcast)
29 Business Tax and District 8 Election (download podcast)
22 Police Officers Association (download podcast)
15 Measures (download podcast)
1 Measures and Pawn Shops (download podcast)
24 Police Chief Search (download podcast)
17 Traffic Ticket and Sick Leave Payouts (download podcast)
10 Grand Jury Report (download podcast)
27 Violence and CEQA (download podcast)
13 Farmer's Markets and Contracting (download podcast)
6 Sales Tax, Minimum Wage, Gambling (download podcast)
25 Washington D.C. Trip (download podcast)
18 Soccer Complex and State Budget (download podcast)
11 Jury Award (download podcast)
4 Measure B (download podcast)
21 Minimum Wage Proposal (download podcast)
14 Rose Herrera and State Budget (download podcast)
7 Pensions (download podcast)
30 Pensions and Graffiti (download podcast)
23 Supplemental Benefits and A's (download podcast)
16 Police Auditor's Report (download podcast)
9 Outdoor Smoking Ban (download podcast)
2 Casino M8trix (download podcast)
26 Police Audit and District 10 Race (download podcast)
19 Union Lawsuits and Pension Reform (download podcast)
12 BART Extension (download podcast)
5 Pension Reform Measure (download podcast)
February 2012
27 IBM Report (download podcast)
13 State of City and Ethics (download podcast)
6 IBM Report (download podcast)
30 Medical Marijuana and Patent Office (download podcast)
23 Redevelopment Agency and Styrofoam (download podcast)
9  Grant Money (download podcast)

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