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The CEO Show, Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 3pm

Carl Guardino, of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, hosts this hour-long call-in special featuring some of Silicon Valley’s tech industry heavyweights.



Date Guest/Topic
May 2015  
19 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Power Integrations CEO Balu Balakrishnan (download podcast)
12 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Tech CU CEO Barbara Kamm (download podcast)
5 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Stryker CEO Andy Pierce (download podcast)
April 2015  
28 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Jorge Titinger of SGI, Brandi Chastain, and East Side Union High School District Board President Esau Herrera (download podcast)
21 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Takayoshi Oshima of Allied Telesis (download podcast)
7 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Michael Blach of Blach Construction (download podcast)
March 2015  
10 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Tim Zanni of KPMG (download podcast)
3 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Hank Fore of Comcast (download podcast)
Feb. 2015  
24 Joint Venture CEO Russell Hancock (download podcast)
17 Supervisor Joe Simitian and Sheriff Laurie Smith (download podcast)
10 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Pinger CEO Greg Woock (download podcast)
3 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and SunPower CEO Tom Werner (download podcast)
Jan. 2015  
13 San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Brocade CMO Christine Heckart (download podcast)
Dec. 2014  
2 San Jose Mayor-Elect Sam Liccardo, U.S. Olympian Diego Estrada, and pro distance runner Tia Martinez (download podcast)
Nov. 2014  
25 Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian and Santa Clara Valley District Board Chair Tony Estremera (download podcast)
Oct. 2014  
28 Congressman Kevin McCarthy (download podcast)
Sept. 2014  
16 Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen (download podcast)
9 Senator Dianne Feinstein (download podcast)
August 2014  
5 Nexenta CEO Tarkan Maner and Santa Clara Mayor, Jamie Matthews (download podcast)
June 2014  
3 San Jose Director of Aviation Kim Becker Aguirre (download podcast)
April 2014  
8 U.S. Competitiveness (download podcast)
1 California Competitiveness (downoad podcast)
Mar. 2014  
25 Joe Simitian (download podcast)
11 San Jose Mayoral Debate (download podcast)
Dec. 2013  
31 Women In Leadership Forum (download podcast)
24 Pastor Ken Foreman of Cathedral of Faith Church (download podcast)
17 Raquel Gonzales of Bank of America (download podcast)
10 Christopher Johns of PG&E (download podcast)
3 Jonathan Nelson of Hackers-Founders (download podcast)
Nov. 2013  
26 Mike Spliter of Applied Materials, Kevin Zwick of Housing Trust, and Tami Cardenas of Second Harvest (download podcast)
19 Jeff Hawkins and Michael Lynch of Kornferry (download podcast)
12 Maya Strelar-Migotti and Eric Equiden of Ericsson Silicon Valley (download podcast)
5 Congressman Mike Honda (download podcast)
October 2013  
29 Roundtable on California Economy and Jobs (download podcast)
22 Jeff Berkes of Federal Realty Investment Trust (download podcast)
15 Rick Cassidy of TSMC (download podcast)
8 San Jose City Councilman Sam Liccardo and San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu (download podcast)
1 Thoms Ehrlich & Ernestine Fu of Civic Work, Civic Lessons (download podcast)
September 2013  
24 Paul Beaupre of Good Samaritan Hospital (download podcast)
17 Assemblyman Rich Gordon (download podcast)
10 Nat Kreamer of Clean Power Finance (download podcast)
3 Raul Vasquez of Progresso Financiero (download podcast)
August 2013  
27 John Boyle of Purdue West Coast Partnership Center & Martin Griss of Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley (download podcast)
20 Hank Fore of Comcast (download podcast)
13 Dr. Gari Browning, President and Superintendent of the Ohlone Community College District (download podcast)
6 Tomi Ryba, President and CEO of El Camino Hospital (download podcast)
July 2013  
30 Craig Alexander, Five-time Triathalon World Champion (download podcast)
23 Ryan Coonerty and Jeremy Neuner of NextSpace Coworking (download podcast)
16 Immigration Reform Panel including S.F. Mayor Ed Lee (download podcast)
9 Jim Dover of O'Connor Hospital (download podcast)
2 Congressional Candidate Ro Khanna (download podcast)
June 2013  
25 Silicon Valley Top Priorities Panel (download podcast)
21 How can Washington D.C. Help Silicon Valley Succeed Panel (download podcast)
18 Linda Thor of Foothill DeAnza Community College District & Bryan Murphy of DeAnza College (download podcast)
13 How Can Washington D.C. help Silicon Valley Succeed Panel (download podcast)
11 Gary Shapiro (download podcast)
7 Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (download podcast)
4 Kim Fennell of DeCarta (download podcast)
May 2013  
31 Tarken Maner of Dell Wyse (download podcast)
28 Mr. Roadshow of the Mercury News (download podcast)
21 Gary Kremen of Match.Com (download podcast)
17 State Senator Kevin DeLeon (download podcast)
14 Tom Quity of BD Consulting and Investigations (download podcast)
7 Menko Deroos of Xicato (download podcast)
April 2013  
30 Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian (download podcast)
23 Ben Field of the South Bay Labor Council (download podcast)
16 James MacGregor-Publisher of the Silicon Valley Business Journal (download podcast)
12 Patent Office (download podcast)
9 County Supervisor's Debate between Teresa Alvarado and Cindy Chavez (download podcast)
2 Ric Urrutia of Taos and Jay Banfield of Year Up (download podcast)
March 2013  
26 Deputy Commerce Secretary Dr. Rebecca Blank (download podcast)
22 Business Climate Summit (download podcast)
19 Dr. James Gardner of Good Karma Bikes (download podcast)
15 Roundtable on California Competitiveness (download podcast)
12 Rami Branitzsky & Jeff Hawkins of Numenta (download podcast)
5 Arno Harris of Recurrent Energy (download podcast)
February 2013  
26 Mr. Roadshow, Gary Richards (download podcast)
19 Michael Pangea of Aviat Networks (download podcast)
13 Congressmen Kevin McCarthy & Devin Nunes (download podcast)
6 Erica Rogers of Collins Silk Road Medical & Kevin Surace (download podcast)
1 Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren & John Marshall Collins (download podcast)
January 2013  
29 Kevin Zwick of Housing Authority (download podcast)
22 Mike Johnson of Regional Medical Center (download podcast)
15 Stacy McAfee of University of Phoenix (download podcast)
8 Tim Ritchie of the S.J. Tech Museum (download podcast)
1 John Thompson of Virtual Instruments (download podcast)
December 2012  
26 Ernst and Young (download podcast)
25 Bob Thomas & McKenna Rush of Calvary Church of Los Gatos (download podcast)
18 Rob Chandra of Avid Park (download podcast)
11 Sami Inkinen of Trulia (download podcast)
4 "Mr. Roadshow," Gary Richards (download podcast)
November 2012  
27 James White of Jamba Juice (download podcast)
23 Joe Simitian (download podcast)
20 Turkey Trot Special-Mike Splinter of Applied Materials, Kathy Jackson of Second Harvest & Kevin Zwick of the Housing Trust (download podcast)
13 Nicole Levine and Hannah Kain of the Women's Initiative (download podcast)
6 Election Night-Terry Christensen & Jim Cunneen (download podcast)
October 2012  
30 State Senate District 15 Debate (download podcast)
23 Rachelle Chong & Amy Lynch of Comcast (download podcast)
12 John Veihmeyer of KPMG (download podcast)
9 State Assembly District 28 Debate (download podcast)
8 Thomas Steyer of Farallon Capital (download podcast)
2 S.J. City Council District 8 Debate (download podcast)
September 2012  
28 Governor Bill Richardson and Alaz Salzman of VantagePoint Capital Partners (download podcast)
25 S.J City Council District 10 Debate (download podcast)
21 Danny Kennedy of Sungevity (download podcast)
18 John Paul Bruno of S.J. Construction (download podcast)
11 "Mr. Roadshow" Gary Richards (download podcast)
4 Rabbi Melanie Aron of Congregation Shir Hadash (download podcast)
August 2012  
28 Margaret Graziano of KeenHire (download podcast)
21 Kathleen King & Dana Ditmore of the Santa Clara Family Health Foundation (download podcast)
14 Paul Beaupre of Good Samaritan (download podcast)
7 Dan Orum of the San Jose Giants (download podcast)
31 Ron Gonzales and Jorge Titinger of Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (download podcast)
24 Michael Lynch of Spencer Stuart (download podcast)
20 Silicon Valley Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (download podcast)
17 John Thompson of Virtual Instruments (download podcast)
10 Rick Gilbert of PowerSpeaking Inc. (download podcast)
3 J. Patrick Kennedy of OSIsoft and San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy (download podcast)
June 2012  
27 Robert Kieve of Empire Broadcasting (download podcast)
26 Hannah Kain of ALOM (download podcast)
19 Young Han of GoVoluntr (download podcast)
15 Special with PG&E CEO Anthony Earley (download podcast)
12 Sasha Johnson of DFJ VTB Aurora (download podcast)
5 Tory Bruno of Lockheed (download podcast)
May 2012  
29 Beau Goldie of the SCVWD (download podcast)
22 Sandeep Duggal of Extron (download podcast)
16 San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee (download podcast)
15 Ali Sebt of Renesas Electronics (download podcast)
11 Innovations Economy (download podcast)
8 Steven Sprague of Wave Systems (download podcast)
4 America's Global Competitiveness Panel (download podcast)
1 Mr. Roadshow-Gary Richards (download podcast)
April 2012  
27 Innovation in Education (download podcast)
24 Lecturer Olivia Fox Cabane (download podcast)
20 Economic Special with Ryan Avent (download podcast)
17 Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman (download podcast)
13 BART Special with Dianne Feinstein (download podcast)
10 Michael Burns of VTA and Steve Hemminger of MTC (download podcast)
4 Startup CEO Roundtable (download podcast)
3 John Hartnett of the Irish Technology Group (download podcast)
March 2012  
30 Special Panel with Anna Eshoo and Bill Watkins (download podcast)
27 Peter Delevett of the Mercury News and Paul Santinelli of North Bridge Venture Partners (download podcast)
23 Solar Tech Special, Part 2 (download podcast)
20 Danny Yu of Daintree Networks (download podcast)
16 Solar Tech Special (download podcast)
13 Frederick Ferrer of the Health Trust (download podcast)
6 Joe Moless, Dean of Lincoln Law School (download podcast)
February 2012  
28 Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese and wife, Pattie, (download podcast)
21 Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (download podcast)
14 Cindy Chavez of the South Bay Labor Council and Mike Potter of Cisco (download podcast)
7 Jan and Gary Richards, Mr. & Mrs. Roadshow (download podcast)
January 2012  
31 Dr. Robert Pearl of The Permanente Medical Group (download podcast)
24 John Kunzweiler of M Squared Consulting (download podcast)
17 David Lansky of Pacific Business Group (download podcast)
10 Tom Fallon of Infinera (download podcast)
3 Sam Liccardo of SJ City Council and Greg Woock of Pinger (download podcast)

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