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Jason Bennert

Jason Bennert

Jason Bennert was born at Good Samaritan Hospital and spent his childhood watching the orchards of the Valley of Heart's Delight being uprooted to make way for the subdivisions and office parks of Silicon Valley. Before coming to 1590 KLIV, Jason worked for Bay City News as the South Bay Bureau Chief for the last ten years... Read more about Jason here.

Matt Burrows

Matt Burrows is KLIV’s Morning Drive Editor and also anchors the mid-morning news. Matt is a graduate of the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University where he studied both radio and television... Read more

Frank Munnich

Frank Munnich is one of KLIV’s mid-day news anchors and a veteran Bay Area news reporter. These days you will find Frank behind the microphone at KLIV, every weekday from 1:00 – 4:00 P M.... Read more about Frank here.

Kim Vestal

Kim Vestal is the newest addition to KLIV's on-air staff, she can be heard on weekdays from 11am - 1pm. If you think you’ve heard Kim Vestal’s voice somewhere before, you’re right! In 1979, aftert graduating form San Jose State University, she began her broadcasting career in the news department at KLIV – then a top 40 music station... Read more about Kim here.

David Jones

David Jones is the overnight announcer on KLIV in the wee small hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings. Even at times when most people are asleep KLIV is hard at work keeping an eye on local traffic and breaking news, even at 3 AM on a Sunday... Read more about David here.

Kris Rowberry

A native of the South Bay, Kris was raised in the Evergreen neighborhood of East San Jose, where he watched as wineries turned into suburbs. He studied Communications at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont... Read more about Kris.

Joseph Geha

Joseph Geha anchors the news Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons on KLIV. He also is a contributing reporter to the station’s popular “Living Better” features... Read more about Joseph here.

Josh Daugherty

Josh Daugherty is KLIV’s “Utility Man” serving in a number of ways. You can hear Josh on the air Saturday and Sunday evenings... Read more about Josh here.

Frank Dariano

Frank Dariano spreads his time on KLIV between weekday evenings and weekends. A San Jose native, Frank attended Bellarmine College Preparatory before receiving his degree at New York’s Syracuse University where he studied Journalism and History... Read more about Frank here.
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