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Stanford Professor confirmed as California Supreme Court justice

    A judicial appointment panel has confirmed the appointment of Stanford law professor Mariano-Florentio Cuellar to the California Supreme Court.
    Cueller faced no opposition and got a unanimous confirmation at his brief hearing yesterday.
    Governor Jerry Brown nominated Cuellar to fill the seat of retiring justice Marvin Baxter.
    Cueller will be the California Supreme Court's only Latino justice.  Full Story

San Jose police getting rid of armored vehicle

    The San Jose police department is choosing to get rid of a very large armored vehicle that it obtained for free from a federal program. 
    Not long after the militarization of police forces in Ferguson, Missouri caused anger and distrust between civilians and authorities, San Jose's force is letting their 15-ton armored truck go. 
    The ten foot tall behemoth is known as a MRAP, a mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle.  Full Story 

"Serial stoaway" says she has mental illness, claims to be police target

    The woman who snuck aboard a flight from San Jose to Los Angeles, and most recently was arrested in Phoenix, has told reporters in Phoenix she suffers from mental illness.
    Speaking outside a Phoenix courthouse, Marilyn Jean Hartman says she suffers from "whistleblower trauma syndrome" and has been medically diagnosed with major depression.    
     Hartman also said she believes authorities allowed her to be a plane stowaway on purpose just so they can arrest her.
    She's been stopped multiple times from trying to stow away on flights out of San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and now Phoenix.
    Phoenix police are requesting a mental-health evaluation for Hartman, but are waiting on a court order for it.  Full Story

Zipcar expands into Palo Alto

    Car rental company Zipcar is now operating in Palo Alto.
    Zipcar now has 10 rentable cars at four Palo Alto owned parking lots in the downtown area.
    The company that lets customers reserve cars via smartphone app, online or over the phone has been just outside Palo Alto since 2011, with 50 cars at Stanford University.
    Rates for Palo Alto will start at $8.50 an hour or $74 a day, which covers up to 180 miles.  Full Story

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