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Los Gatos joins lawsuit over proposed Highway 85 expansion

    May 22, 2015--Los Gatos has become the third plaintiff in the lawsuit filed by Saratoga and Cupertino against Caltrans and VTA over the proposed expansion of Highway 85.  
    Citing fears of more traffic and noise, the Los Gatos Town Council has voted to join their two neighboring cities in the suit.
    The council also wanted to consider more options, saying the state has failed to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act.
    Caltrans says the project would have no significant impact and has cleared the way for VTA's board to schedule a June vote on the proposed widening.
    The $176 million project would convert about 27 miles of existing carpool lanes to toll lanes from the Highway 101 interchange in South San Jose to the 101 interchange in Mountain View.  Full Story

Southern Lumber closing down

    May 22, 2015--Southern Lumber, a family owned lumber business in San Jose with roots in the Santa Cruz Mountains, will be shutting down. 
    The lumber business, which began 110 years ago as a logging operation in the Santa Cruz Mountains, was known for high quality wood and was well-liked in carpenter circles in the South Bay. 
    The business started off life supplying timber to the mining and orchard industries in the Valley at the turn of the century. 
    In the 1930's, the business model was changed to focus on providing high-quality wood to customers, over industry.
    No date was given for it's final day of operation, nor was a reason given for the sudden announcement.  Full Story

The Government is hoping to build a $5 million pipeline for recycled water

     The South Bay will benefit from a large scale effort by the US government to fight drought in heavily affected areas.
    Among the more than 60 projects nationwide is a plan to build a 20 mile pipeline network to bring recycled water to Silicon Valley.
    The project includes a pair of reservoirs that will each hold 2 point 75 million gallons of water.  
Full Story

Prostitute pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter in death of Google exec

    May 20, 2015--A prostitute will likely spend another 3 years or less behind bars for the death of a Google executive. 
    27 year old Alix Tichelman  has already served a year in custody. 
    She pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs in Santa Cruz County Court. 
    The judge gave her a 6 year sentence for the death of Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes. 
    Authorities say Tichelman injected Forrest Hayes with heroin in November 2013 on his yacht in Santa Cruz harbor.
    She left when he passed out and the incident was capture on the boat's surveillance system.
    Authorities said Hayes had hired Tichelman several times before and they were doing drugs and having sex the night he died.  Full Story

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