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San Jose traffic congestion ranked 6th worst in America

    April 1, 2015--A new survey says Silicon Valley traffic is bad and getting more congested, but it could be worse.
    San Jose ranks as the sixth most congested American city in the Tom Tom Traffic Index, with a 30 percent congestion level.
    That means the roads are considered "congested" for 30 percent of the day.
    Traffic congestion increased 4 percent from last year's survey, meaning it takes 24 minutes per hour for commutes during rush hours.
    But by comparison, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the two most congested U.S. cities with 39 and 34 percent congestions.
    And globally, San Jose only ranks 51st: Istanbul, Mexico City, Moscow, and Rio de Janeiro all have at least 50 percent congestion.  Full Story


    KLIV has something both old and new for Night Owls. Overnight Oldies, every night starting at midnight.
     A lot of people tell us they grew up listing to KLIV back when we were the South Bay’s leading Top 40 station. 
    Like them, we’ve since grown up. 
    KLIV is now Silicon Valley’s News Station. 
    But we haven’t forgotten our musical heritage.  (We also enjoy hearing those old tunes!)
    So here’s what we’re doing:  Every night at midnight we bring back the “Old KLIV” with Overnight Oldies, top hits from the 50’s and 70’s. 
    Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Jefferson Airplane, The 4 Seasons…if it was a hit we’re playing it.  
    Of course we also have frequent news and traffic updates.
    If you’re up late, up early, or if you work nights, check us out. 
    Overnight Oldies air Monday-Friday from Midnight to 5 a.m., and on weekends it’s Midnight to 6 a.m..

Google takes control of Moffett Field complex

    April 1, 2015--It's the start of a new chapter for the legendary Moffett Field complex in Mountain View, with Google taking control today of the facility.
    Google's Planetary Ventures LLC is already on site at Moffett Field, testing high altitude balloons designed to create more widespread Internet access worldwide in Hanger 2. 
    The company formally takes over Moffett field after 84 years as a federal site. Google has signed a 60 year lease at Moffett field, and plans to restore and remodel Hangers 1,2, and 3 as product development labs. 
    Instead of holding airships and plans, the hangers will host Google's newest drones, rovers, and other state of the art gadgets.  Full Story 

Squirrel knocks out power for 5,000 in Santa Clara

    April 1, 2015--Power was knocked out to about 5,000 customers yesterday in the city of Santa Clara.
    Silicon Valley Power says the outage was caused by a squirrel that had wiggled its way into a transformer at a substation.
    How the squirrel got into the transformer remains unclear.
    Power was restored by late last night.  Full Story

Silicon Valley and Internet companies embrace April Fool's Day

    April 1, 2015--Google Maps becoming a Pac-Man game wasn't the only prank on the Internet on April Fool's Day.
    From clearly fake products to silly features, it was a day of play on the World Wide Web.
    Microsoft got in two pranks on its Bing search engine - one that offered to read your palm to get what you really wanted to search for, and another that took you to "the cute cloud", full of pictures and videos of puppies, kitties, bunnies, and more.  Full Story

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