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Cupertino to get AT&T's "GigaPower" Internet service

    AT&T is announcing today that Cupertino is the first city on the West Coast to get its GigaPower Internet service.
    The telecom giant hopes to get the super-fast service up and running in December or early next year.
    AT&T says its answer to Google Fiber will get download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second -- about 100 times faster than the average American home's connection.
    The arrival of GigaPower to Cupertino comes after Google rejected the city's bid for Google Fiber.
    An AT&T official said a tentative timetable has GigaPower coming to San Jose in the first half of next year.  Full Story

San Jose Rules Committee to consider increased fines for illegal firework use

    A proposal to increase the penalty for illegal firework use in San Jose goes before the rules committee today.
    A memo called for increased fines has been authored by Councilmembers Sam Liccardo, Pete Constant, Johnny Khamis, and Rose Herrera.     
    Under their proposal, public works and non-police staff would also be able to levy fines for possessing or using illegal fireworks.
    The law currenly allows for fines of up to 1-thousand dollars and jail time, but only after criminal prosecution.  Full Story

Arrest made in one of two Senter Road hit-and-runs

    San Jose police have arrested one of the drivers allegedly involved in one of two separate, hit-and-run accidents on Senter Road this week.
    Police say the unidentified woman returned to the scene of the accident on Senter Road and Oldham Drive about two hours after the collision Monday night.
    She has been booked on suspicion of hit and run.  Full Story

Netflix has signed a connection agreement with Time Warner Cable

    Netflix has signed a paid viewing agreement with Time Warner Cable.
    The deal means Netflix will pay for direct connection to Time Warner's networks, in a move to improve the viewing experience for Netflix customers who use Time Warner's Internet connection.
    This means Netflix now has such a deal with all four major U.S. Internet providers: Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner.
    Though Netflix is paying for a faster connection, CEO Reed Hastings has said he "philosophically" opposed to such deals due to their implication on net neutrality.  Full Story
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