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Motorcycle rider suspected of taunting CHP officer in video is arrested

    October 31, 2014--The motorocycle rider suspected of filming a viral video that showed a group of riders doing stunts on Highway 680 in Milpitas - and taunting a CHP officer who tried to stop them - has been arrested.
    32-year-old Guruardas Singh Khalsa was arrested at his Brentwood home yesterday on suspicion of delaying or obstructing an officer, and of being an accessory after the fact.
    CHP believe Khalsa is the rider in the video who rides up to a CHP officer, motions for him to go away, and then waves as the officer pulls ahead.
    CHP say the video itself, online postings of it by Khalsa, and tips from the public lead investigators to him.  Full Story

Illegal street races on the rise in San Jose

    October 31, 2014--It may look exciting in the "Fast and Furious" movies, but San Jose police say that illegal street races are dangerous -- and spreading to the South Bay.
    Police say it's been largely focused in South San Jose and at Nortech Parkway and Disk Drive in North San Jose.
    The uptick in illegal street races was first noticed by police a few months ago, with officers cracking down on racers every few weeks.  Full Story

Domestic violence charges may not be filed against Ray McDonald

    October 31, 2014--Prosecutors in Santa Clara County are reportedly leaning against filing domestic abuse charges against San Francisco 49er Ray McDonald in connection with an August 31st incident at his home involving his pregnant fiancee.  
    It reportedly appears the District Attorney's Office will likely announce soon a decision and then issue a report laying out its reasons.
    The DA's office has refused to comment to the Mercury News on the outcome of the McDonald case and denied rumors a report will be coming out today.
    The case has also been complicated by San Jose Police Sergeant Sean Pritchard, who moonlights with team security.  Full Story

Mitpitas city council candidate's email perceived as death threat

    An email sent by a Milpitas city council candidate has come under fire for what a termed-out city councilman took to de a death threat, after the words "lifeless or in prison" came up in the email.
    San Jose Inside reports the email sent by Rajeev Madnawat was sent to Armando Gomez, largely to express his criticism of Gomez forming a political action committee funded by developers to help real estate agent Deepak Lalwani and and daycare provider Marsha Grilli in their runs for city council.
    In the strongly worded email, Madnawat said that he knew some of the same developers and that "when it comes to their business interest, they will not think twice before they throw you in the sewer."  Full Story

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