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April 2016
30 Children and Electronics (download podcast)
29 Leigh Weimers Emerging Artists Awards (download podcast)
28 Brian Williams (download podcast)
23 Banned TV Shows (download podcast)
22 The Jungle Book (download podcast)
21 Michael Lewis (download podcast)
16 KLIV Format Change (download podcast)
15 Roman Rabinovich (download podcast)
14 Dwight Clark (download podcast)
9 Clint Black (download podcast)
8 Boeing, Boeing (download podcast)
7 American Idol (download podcast)
2 Crowns (download podcast)
1 Batman vs. Superman (download podcast)
March 2016
31 Pasquale Esposito (download podcast)
26 Easter (download podcast)
25 Eye in the Sky (download podcast)
24 Silicon Valley Comic Con (download podcast)
19 Indiana Jones (download podcast)
18 Comic Con (download podcast)
17 St. Patrick’s Day (download podcast)
12 Silicon Valley Ballet (download podcast)
11 Tales of the Old West (download podcast)
10 Cinequest (download podcast)
5 Valley of the Heart (download podcast)
4 Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show (download podcast)
3 Cinequest (download podcast)
February 2016
27 Food Shed (download podcast)
26 Vicky Lawrence and Mama (download podcast)
25 Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson (download podcast)
20 The People vs. OJ Simpson (download podcast)
19 Chinese New Year (download podcast)
18 Tabbard Theatre’s “I Do, I Do” (download podcast)
13 Valentine’s Day (download podcast)
12 Hail Caesar (download podcast)
11 Valley of the Heart (download podcast)
6 Super Bowl 50 (download podcast)
5 American Idol (download podcast)
4 Super Guadalupe River Run (download podcast)
January 2016
30 Cinequest (download podcast)
29 Super Bowl 50 (download podcast)
28 Wizard of Oz (download podcast)
23 A Musical Forever Plaid (download podcast)
22 Arrow Development (download podcast)
21 Critics Choice Awards (download podcast)
16 Critics Choice Awards (download podcast)
15 Tabbard Theatre (download podcast)
14 Raiders of the Lost Ark (download podcast)
9 Golden Globes (download podcast)
8 Swift Justice (download podcast)
7 Silicon Valley Auto Show (download podcast)
2 The Revenant (download podcast)
1 New Year’s Resolutions (download podcast)
December 2015
31 New Year’s Eve (download podcast)
26 Will Durst (download podcast)
25 Star Wars (download podcast)
24 Christmas Eve (download podcast)
19 Big Band Christmas (download podcast)
18 World of Light (download podcast)
17 Star Wars (download podcast)
12 Frank Sinatra Birthday (download podcast)
11 Trumbo (download podcast)
10 Santa Run (download podcast)
5 Brooklyn (download podcast)
4 The Good Dinosaur (download podcast)
3 39 Steps (download podcast)
November 2015
28 Illuminating Downtown San Jose Project (download podcast)
27 Christmas in the Park (download podcast)
26 Thanksgiving Day Parade (download podcast)
21 Death Takes a Holiday (download podcast)
20 39 Steps (download podcast)
19 San Jose Anniversary (download podcast)
14 Carol Doda (download podcast)
13 Downtown Ice Rink (download podcast)
12 Stamp Show (download podcast)
7 Veterans Day Parade (download podcast)
6 Bellarmine College Prep’s Of Mice and Men (download podcast)
5 The Blues Brothers (download podcast)
October 2015
31 Halloween Events (download podcast)
30 Golden Globes (download podcast)
29 Dan Schutte (download podcast)
24 Halloween (download podcast)
23 Star Wars (download podcast)
22 The Martian (download podcast)
17 Disney on Ice (download podcast)
16 Dick Dale (download podcast)
15 Pumpkin Festival (download podcast)
10 Stan (download podcast)
9 Pumpkins In the Park (download podcast)
8 RFK (download podcast)
3 Grandfathered and The Grinder (download podcast)
2 Los Altos Fall Festival (download podcast)
1 Campbell Heritage Theatre (download podcast)
September 2015
26 Campbell Heritage Theatre (download podcast)
25 The Muppets (download podcast)
24 Grandma (download podcast)
19 Emmy Awards (download podcast)
18 Best Time Ever (download podcast)
17 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
12 Antique Autos History (download podcast)
11 Mountain View Art and Wine Festival (download podcast)
10 A Walk In the Woods (download podcast)
5 Charlie Brown Christmas (download podcast)
4 Fiorello (download podcast)
3 Silicon Valley Ballet (download podcast)
August 2015
29 Ed Asner (download podcast)
28 Ringling Brothers Circus (download podcast)
27 35th Annual Italian Family Festa (download podcast)
22 Wizard World Comic Con (download podcast)
21 Summer BBQ Secrets (download podcast)
20 Fall Arts Scene (download podcast)
July 2015
25 Valerie Bertinelli (download podcast)
24 Trainwreck (download podcast)
23 Gilroy Garlic Festival (download podcast)
18 Willow Street Bramhall Park Amphitheatre (download podcast)
17 Star Trek Boldly Go Campaign (download podcast)
16 Theatre San Pedro Square(download podcast)
11 summer Box Office Sales (download podcast)
10 Celebrity Family Feud (download podcast)
9 The Book Of Mormon (download podcast)
June 2015
27 Jurassic World (download podcast)
26 Astronaut Wives Club (download podcast)
25 Children’s Discovery Museum (download podcast)
20 43rd American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award (download podcast)
19 LBJ (download podcast)
18 Symphony Silicon Valley (download podcast)
13 Brian Williams (download podcast)
12 Reel Recovery Film Festival (download podcast)
11 Dr. Charles Geschke (download podcast)
6 Heart of 60’s (download podcast)
5 Adam’s Family (download podcast)
4 Children’s Discovery Museum (download podcast)
May 2015
30 Hairspray (download podcast)
29 Critics Choice Television Awards (download podcast)
28 Tomorrowland (download podcast)
23 Mushroom Mardi Gras Festival (download podcast)
22 Rotary Playground (download podcast)
21 Memorial Day Weekend Events (download podcast)
16 Weekend events (download podcast)
15 Will Durst (download podcast)
14 The Late Show (download podcast)
9 The Bells (download podcast)
8 Bellarmine College Prep’s Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead (download podcast)
7 Cannonball Legacy Band (download podcast)
2 The Avengers (download podcast)
1 Mountain View’s “A La Carte and Art” (download podcast)
April 2015
30 The Age of Adaline (download podcast)
11 Critics Choice Television Awards (download podcast)
10 Death of A Salesman (download podcast)
9 The Comedians (download podcast)
4 Fantasia (download podcast)
3 Death of A Salesman (download podcast)
2 Barry Swenson Builder (download podcast)
March 2015
28 American Idol (download podcast)
27 Great America (download podcast)
26 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (download podcast)
21 San Jose Earthquakes (download podcast)
20 The Royals (download podcast)
19 Unfinished Business (download podcast)
14 Theatre Stage Door (download podcast)
13 Friday the 13th (download podcast)
12 American Idol (download podcast)
7 Cinderella (download podcast)
6 The Odd Couple (download podcast)
5 Vocal Legends (download podcast)
Feb. 2015
28 S.J. Jazz Winterfest 2015 (download podcast)
27 Sparmalot (download podcast)
26 Cinequest (download podcast)
21 Academy Award Predictions (download podcast)
20 Academy Award Predictions (download podcast)
19 Academy Awards (download podcast)
14 Brian Williams (download podcast)
13 The Improv (download podcast)
12 Winona and Friends (download podcast)
7 Silicon Valley Reads (download podcast)
6 Tabbard Theatre’s “19” (download podcast)
5 America’s Got Talent (download podcast)
Jan. 2015
31 Lord of the Rings (download podcast)
30 Changing Boundaries (download podcast)
29 Parenthood (download podcast)
24 Disneyland (download podcast)
23 Curtains (download podcast)
22 Mikael Meyer Concert (download podcast)
17 Valentine’s Day Events (download podcast)
16 Still Alice (download podcast)
15 Critics Choice Movie Awards (download podcast)
10 Galavant (download podcast)
9 Silicon Valley International Auto Show (download podcast)
8 Reese Witherspoon (download podcast)
Dec. 2014
27 National Film Registry Nominations (download podcast)
26 Entertainment Options (download podcast)
25 Christmas Day Movie Releases (download podcast)
20 Johnny Mathis (download podcast)
19 The Interview (download podcast)
18 Irene Dalis (download podcast)
13 San Jose Entertainment Options (download podcast)
12 Top Five (download podcast)
11 Critics Choice Movie Awards (download podcast)
6 Birdman (download podcast)
5 Mary Poppins (download podcast)
4 Peter Pan (download podcast)
Nov. 2014
29 Holiday Events (download podcast)
28 Black Friday (download podcast)
27 Broadway San Jose (download podcast)
22 Santa Clara University’s Festival of Lights (download podcast)
21 Variety Show (download podcast)
20 The Theory of Everything (download podcast)
15 The Italian Girl in Algiers (download podcast)
14 Fountain Restaurant (download podcast)
13 San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (download podcast)
8 Veterans Day Parade (download podcast)
7 Bellarmine College Prep’s “The Trial” (download podcast)
6 St. Vincent (download podcast)
1 Holiday Events (download podcast)
Oct. 2014
31 Halloween (download podcast)
30 Halloween Events (download podcast)
25 Infant in Theaters (download podcast)
24 San Jose Stage Company’s “The Rainmaker” (download podcast)
23 The Judge (download podcast)
18 Spirits and Shadows (download podcast)
17 Octoberfest (download podcast)
16 Art and Pumpkin Festival (download podcast)
11 Pumpkins In the Park (download podcast)
10 Broadway’s Next Hit Musical (download podcast)
9 A to Z (download podcast)
4 Selfie (download podcast)
3 South Bay Musical Theatre’s Kiss Me Kate (download podcast)
2 Gotham (download podcast)
Sept. 2014
27 This Is Where I Leave You (download podcast)
26 The Skeleton Twins (download podcast)
25 Kent Kirkorian Memorial Golf Tournament (download podcast)
20 New Television Shows (download podcast)
19 Sunday Night Football (download podcast)
18 Boyhood (download podcast)
13 History San Jose’s 14th annual Autus and History Park (download podcast)
12 Utopia (download podcast)
11 Lincoln Theatre Guild (download podcast)
6 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
5 Final Episodes (download podcast)
4 San Jose Stage Company (download podcast)
August 2014
30 Napa Earthquake Coverage (download podcast)
29 MDA Labor Day Telethon (download podcast)
28 Emmy Awards (download podcast)
23 Levi’s Stadium (download podcast)
22 Italian Family Festa (download podcast)
21 Syndicate of Sound (download podcast)
16 Candid Camera (download podcast)
15 The Hundred-Foot Journey (download podcast)
14 Robin Williams (download podcast)
9 Partners (download podcast)
8 Alive Inside (download podcast)
7 Big Band and Living History Day (download podcast)
2 Berryessa Movie Night (download podcast)
1 John Favreau’s “Chef” (download podcast)
July 2014
31 Santa Clara County Fair (download podcast)
26 Sabor del Valle (download podcast)
25 Leigh Weimers (download podcast)
24 Gilroy Garlic Festival (download podcast)
18 Jersey Boys (download podcast)
17 NBC’s Must “Avoid” TV (download podcast)
12 Teatro Vision’s 30th Anniversary (download podcast)
11 Presentation H.S. “Oliver” (download podcast)
10 Coherence (download podcast)
5 Fireworks (download podcast)
4 Children’s Musical Theatre (download podcast)
3 The View (download podcast)
June 2014
28 David Spade at the Improv (download podcast)
27 CreaTV’s Free Speech Day (download podcast)
26 Rising Star (download podcast)
21 The Night Shift (download podcast)
19 Critics Choice TV Awards (download podcast)
14 Movie Trailers (download podcast)
13 Downtown San Jose’s Improv (download podcast)
12 Wicked (download podcast)
7 Symphony Silicon Valley (download podcast)
6 One Million Ways To Die in the West (download podcast)
5 San Jose Stage Company’s “Bonnie and Clyde” (download podcast)
May 2014
24 Wings of Freedom Tour (download podcast)
23 Taco Festival (download podcast)
22 Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras (download podcast)
17 The Improv (download podcast)
16 Barbara Walters (download podcast)
15 Bellarmine College Prep’s See How They Run (download podcast)
10 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame (download podcast)
9 San Jose Rep’s The Big Meal (download podcast)
8 The Goldbergs and Growing Up Fisher (download podcast)
2 Broadway San Jose (download podcast)
1 The Other Woman (download podcast)
April 2014
26 Shop with a Cop Silicon Valley (download podcast)
25 Transcendent (download podcast)
24 Noah (download podcast)
19 Fargo (download podcast)
18 San Jose State Company’s “An Iliad” (download podcast)
17 Greg Proops (download podcast)
12 San Jose Rep’s “Game On” (download podcast)
11 CMT’s Spam A Lot (download podcast)
10 It’s a Small World 50th Anniversary (download podcast)
5 Shirley Montgomery Photo Exhibit (download podcast)
4 Century 21 (download podcast)
3 Presentation High School’s “All Hands on Deck” (download podcast)
March 2014
29 Spring Forward Walk and Run (download podcast)
28 Life After Life, Here After Here (download podcast)
27 Count Five (download podcast)
22 Muppets Most Wanted (download podcast)
21 Tabbard Theatre Shows (download podcast)
20 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
15 Doris Day Birthday (download podcast)
14 History San Jose and Cinequest (download podcast)
13 Resurrection (download podcast)
8 Food Network’s Chopped (download podcast)
7 Cinequest Film Festival (download podcast)
6 Saint George (download podcast)
1 Brian Adams Predictions for Oscars (download podcast)
February 2014
28 San Jose Repertory Theatre’s Alive and Kicking (download podcast)
27 San Jose Stage Company’s Three Penny Opera (download podcast)
22 The Wizard of Oz (download podcast)
21 Winter’s Tale (download podcast)
20 The Tonight Show (download podcast)
15 Olympics (download podcast)
14 About Time (download podcast)
13 Tabbard Theatre’s “1776” (download podcast)
8 Olivia Newton-John (download podcast)
7 Three Penny Opera (download podcast)
6 Tribute to Bee Gees (download podcast)
1 Super Bowl Commercials (download podcast)
January 2014
31 South Bay Musical Theatre’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (download podcast)
30 Grammy Awards Review (download podcast)
25 Documentary on the History of San Jose (download podcast)
24 August:  Osage County (download podcast)
23 South Bay Musical Theatre’s 10th annual Crab and Pasta Feed (download podcast)
18 Bigfoot Bounty (download podcast)
17 Creatv’s Creative Awards (download podcast)
16 Award Season (download podcast)
11 The Bachelor (download podcast)
10 Silicon Valley Auto and South Bay Home and Garden shows (download podcast)
9 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (download podcast)
4 Jimmy Fallon (download podcast)
3 The Hobbit (download podcast)
2 Saving Mr. Banks (download podcast)
Decmeber 2013
28 Top Five Films of the Year (download podcast)
27 Box Office Busts (download podcast)
26 Day After Christmas (download podcast)
21 The X Factor (download podcast)
20 American Hustle (download podcast)
19 Critics Choice Movie Award Nominations (download podcast)
14 Holiday Events (download podcast)
13 Captain Philipps (download podcast)
12 Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble (download podcast)
7 Nutcracker Presentations (download podcast)
6 South Bay Christmas Events (download podcast)
5 Santa Clara University’s Festival of Lights (download podcast)
30 Holiday Shopping (download podcast)
29 Christmas in the Park (download podcast)
28 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (download podcast)
23 It’s a Wonderful Life sequal (download podcast)
22 Death of Diane Disney Miller (download podcast)
21 Broadway San Jose’s Evita (download podcast)
16 Violence in Movies (download podcast)
15 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
14 Tabbard Theatre’s “The Duke, the Count & Me.” (download podcast)
9 Veterans Day Parade (download podcast)
8 The Bible (download podcast)
7 2013 Creative Awards (download podcast)
2 Santa Clara University’s Pride & Prejudice (download podcast)
1 Queen of the Desert (download podcast)
31 Me TV Halloween Shows (download podcast)
26 Halloween Events (download podcast)
25 Local High School Presentations (download podcast)
24 Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival (download podcast)
19 The People’s Couch (download podcast)
18 Gravity (download podcast)
17 The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (download podcast)
12 Enough Said (download podcast)
11 Pumpkins In the Park (download podcast)
10 Pioneer High School play Of Mice and Men (download podcast)
5 San Jose Taiko (download podcast)
4 The Crazy Ones (download podcast)
3 Michael J Fox Show (download podcast)
28 Emmy Awards Recap (download podcast)
27 Blue Jasmine (download podcast)
26 Making God Laugh (download podcast)
21 Creative Arts Emmy Awards (download podcast)
20 Emmy Awards (download podcast)
19 Cafe Stritch (download podcast)
14 Jurassic World and Pirates of the Caribbean (download podcast)
13 History of San Jose Documentary (download podcast)
12 Arsenio Hall (download podcast)
7 Giddyup at Nestledown (download podcast)
6 Chalk Talk with Ron Caragher (download podcast)
5 One Night with Janis Joplin (download podcast)
31 Valley of the Heart (download podcast)
30 Labor Day Weekend Events (download podcast)
29 South Bay Musical Theatre’s Les Miserables (download podcast)
24 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
23 History San Jose’s Fandango (download podcast)
22 Lee Daniels The Butler (download podcast)
17 Eydie Gorme (download podcast)
16 Jobs (download podcast)
15 Low Winter Sun (download podcast)
10 San Jose Jazz Summer Fest (download podcast)
9 San Jose Jazz Summer Fest (download podcast)
8 1945 Dance Party (download podcast)
2 Santa Clara County Fair (download podcast)
1 Symphony Silicon Valley (download podcast)
July 2013
27 Hollywood Game Night (download podcast)
26 Love Boss and What I Wore (download podcast)
25 Target Summer Pop Series (download podcast)
20 Amy Grant (download podcast)
19 The Way Way Back (download podcast)
18 Into the Woods (download podcast)
13 The Lone Ranger (download podcast)
12 Savor del Valle (download podcast)
11 Bellarmine Alumni Theatre (download podcast)
6 Go Go’s (download podcast)
5 Gold Rush Adventure (download podcast)
4 Fourth of July Celebrations (download podcast)
29 The Internship (download podcast)
28 Tabbard Theatre’s Wonderland & You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown (download podcast)
27 Gary Goldberg (download podcast)
22 Man of Steel (download podcast)
21 In Heights (download podcast)
20 Dance on the Avenue Festival (download podcast)
15 History Park Father’s Day activity (download podcast)
14 Man of Steel (download podcast)
13 Critics Choice TV Awards (download podcast)
8 Movie Trailers (download podcast)
7 Beach Boys (download podcast)
6 ME TV (download podcast)
1 Critics Choice TV Awards (download podcast)
31 Reefer Madness (download podcast)
30 Star Trek Into Darkness (download podcast)
25 Behind the Candelabra (download podcast)
24 Last Sunday’s Television (download podcast)
23 Summer Movies (download podcast)
18 Semperviruns Club (download podcast)
17 Funny Girl (download podcast)
16 Noises Off (download podcast)
11 Castle (download podcast)
10 The Great Gatsby (download podcast)
9 Billy Elliot (download podcast)
4 St. John Vianney Parish Festival (download podcast)
3 NBC Fall Season (download podcast)
2 Garden and Bird Tour (download podcast)
27 The Shop With a Cop (download podcast)
26 A Chorus Line (download podcast)
25 Broadway San Jose 2013-2014 Season (download podcast)
20 Admission (download podcast)
19 Art House (download podcast)
18 Super Guadalupe River Run (download podcast)
13 Hannibal (download podcast)
12 42 (download podcast)
11 Death of Annette Funicello (download podcast)
6 Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno (download podcast)
5 How to Live With Your Parents (download podcast)
4 Tabbard Theatre’s “Babes In Hollywood” (download podcast)
30 San Jose Rep’s Disconnect (download podcast)
29 Crooked House (download podcast)
28 S.J. Stage Company’s “Persuasion” (download podcast)
23 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
22 World Water Day (download podcast)
21 San Jose-Dublin Sister City Irish Week (download podcast)
16 St. Patrick’s Day Events (download podcast)
15 Montalvo Arts “Rashomon” (download podcast)
14 Oz, The Great and Powerful (download podcast)
9 Zero Hour (download podcast)
8 Winter Fest (download podcast)
7 Cinequest (download podcast)
2 Oscars Recap (download podcast)
1 Back Home (download podcast)
28 Cinequest (download podcast)
23 Academy Awards (download podcast)
22 Academy Awards (download podcast)
21 Academy Awards (download podcast)
16 Les Miserables (download podcast)
15 Theatre Portal (download podcast)
14 Review of Menopause:  The Musical (download podcast)
9 Mountain Winery (download podcast)
8 History San Jose’s Shaped by Water (download podcast)
7 Menopause:  The Musical (download podcast)
2 Super Bowl (download podcast)
1 Childrens Musical Theatre’s “Godspell” (download podcast)
31 Rock of Ages (download podcast)
26 Parenthood (download podcast)
25 Promises, Promises (download podcast)
19 Oscar Race (download podcast)
18 Jazz Series at Casino M8trix (download podcast)
17 Cabaret Night (download podcast)
12 South Bay Musical Theatre’s Crab & Pasta Feed (download podcast)
11 Kurt Weil:  Berlin, Paris, New York (download podcast)
10 Award Shows (download podcast)
5 Archeology Day (download podcast)
4 Les Miserables (download podcast)
3 Box Office Flops (download podcast)
December 2012
29 Critics Choice Movie Awards (download podcast)
28 Creative Awards (download podcast)
27 Juanita Harris (download podcast)
22 Holiday Events (download podcast)
21 Decembrance (download podcast)
20 The Hobbit (download podcast)
15 Santa Race (download podcast)
14 America Helping America (download podcast)
13 San Jose Jazz Festival (download podcast)
8 Holiday Television Specials (download podcast)
7 Hitchcock (download podcast)
6 Carols in the California (download podcast)
1 Lincoln (download podcast)
30 Les Miserables (download podcast)
29 Big Band Christmas Surprise (download podcast)
24 Skyfall (download podcast)
23 Heritage Holiday Tea & Tour (download podcast)
22 Reckless (download podcast)
10 Tabbard Theatre’s “Trying” (download podcast)
9 Local Theatrical Productions (download podcast)
8 Christmas Displays in downtown San Jose (download podcast)
3 Children Musical Theatre’s Barnham (download podcast)
2 Ballet San Jose Gala (download podcast)
1 Lucasfilm (download podcast)
27 CMT’s Barnham (download podcast)
26 19 Jazz Ensemble (download podcast)
25 Bellarmine College Prep’s Nicholas Nickleby (download podcast)
20 Halloween Festivities (download podcast)
19 Florad Festival (download podcast)
18 Symphony Espanol (download podcast)
13 Bluegrass Meets Chorale (download podcast)
12 Pumpkins In the Park (download podcast)
11 Wine and Blues (download podcast)
6 Sinatra Forever (download podcast)
5 Race (download podcast)
4 Last Resort (download podcast)
29 Connect and Collect (download podcast)
28 Andy Williams (download podcast)
27 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
22 Les Miserables (download podcast)
21 The Words (download podcast)
20 Elvis (download podcast)
15 San Jose Taiko Rhythm Spirit (download podcast)
14 Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival (download podcast)
13 Anything Goes (download podcast)
8 Chef Gordon Ramsey (download podcast)
7 Campaign (download podcast)
6 Disney Characters (download podcast)
1 Disney (download podcast)
31 Leigh Weimers (download podcast)
30 Talk Shows (download podcast)
25 Woodstock (download podcast)
24 The Office (download podcast)
23 Phyllis Diller (download podcast)
18 Stars Earn Stripes (download podcast)
17 Ringling Brothers (download podcast)
16 Fandango Celebration (download podcast)
11 Universal $1 Billion (download podcast)
10 Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive (download podcast)
9 San Jose Jazz Summer Fest (download podcast)
28 Silicon Valley Film Festival (download podcast)
27 Through My Father’s Eyes (download podcast)
26 Trust Us With Your Life (download podcast)
21 Summer Fest (download podcast)
20 Rock the Garden (download podcast)
19 Cavalia (download podcast)
14 Ann Curry (download podcast)
13 People Like Us (download podcast)
12 Ernest Borgnine (download podcast)
7 Viva Fest (download podcast)
6 Summer Movies (download podcast)
5 U.S. Olympic Trials (download podcast)
30 Sabor Del Valle (download podcast)
29 Frontier Village Reunion (download podcast)
28 Children’s Musical Theatre (download podcast)
23 Rock’in the Vineyard (download podcast)
22 Snow White & The Huntsman (download podcast)
21 Critics Choice Television Awards (download podcast)
16 Hellenic Heritage Museum (download podcast)
15 Buddy Holly Tribute Concert (download podcast)
14 Lincoln High School’s Cabaret (download podcast)
9 Critics Choice Television Awards (download podcast)
8 Richard Dawson (download podcast)
7 Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson (download podcast)
2 Guys and Dolls (download podcast)
1 Viva Fest 2012 (download podcast)
31 Elvis Crypt (download podcast)
26 Saturday Night Live (download podcast)
25 City Beneath the City (download podcast)
24 Charles Ferguson (download podcast)
19 Celebration of Spring (download podcast)
18 Dark Shadows (download podcast)
17 Desperate Housewives (download podcast)
12 Tabard Theatre (download podcast)
11 Santa Clara University’s “Nine Circles” (download podcast)
10 Art House (download podcast)
5 Asian Heritage Month (download podcast)
4 Cinderella (download podcast)
3 Silver and Spurs (download podcast)
28 Silver and Spurs (download podcast)
27 Theatre on San Pedro Square (download podcast)
26 Social Issues Documentary Contest (download podcast)
21 Arts Splash (download podcast)
20 Santa Clara University Concerts (download podcast)
19 Nine to Five (download podcast)
14 Viva Fest (download podcast)
13 San Pedro Square Market (download podcast)
12 Deaths of Thomas Kinkade and Mike Wallace (download podcast)
7 Today Show (download podcast)
6 Nine to Five (download podcast)
5 Urban Village Farmers Market (download podcast)
31 God of Carnage (download podcast)
30 Bach and Beethoven (download podcast)
29 Tin Pan Alley Rag (download podcast)
24 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
23 Friends With Kids (download podcast)
22 Touch (download podcast)
17 St. Patrick’s Day (download podcast)
16 Television Ratings (download podcast)
15 Guys and Dolls (download podcast)
10 Alan Menken (download podcast)
9 Art Exhibition (download podcast)
8 Children’s Musical Theatre (download podcast)
3 Dancing With the Stars (download podcast)
2 Farewell Fitzgerald (download podcast)
1 Cinequest (download podcast)
25 Academy Awards Preview (download podcast)
24 Academy Awards Preview (download podcast)
23 Legally Blonde (download podcast)
18 Wayne Wallace (download podcast)
17 The Death of a Novel (download podcast)
16 The Beginners (download podcast)
11 Mountain Winery Crab Feed (download podcast)
10 Buried Child (download podcast)
9 Smash (download podcast)
4 Super Bowl Commercials (download podcast)
3 Albert Nobbs (download podcast)
2 South First Fridays (download podcast)
28 Academy Award Events (download podcast)
27 Screen Actors Guild Awards (download podcast)
26 Oscar Nominations (download podcast)
21 Double Indemnity (download podcast)
20 Crossing Delancey (download podcast)
19 Gypsy (download podcast)
14 Finian’s Rainbow (download podcast)
13 Academy Awards (download podcast)
12 Iron Lady (download podcast)
7 CMT Caberet Night (download podcast)
6 War Horse and Adventures of Tintin (download podcast)
5 Creative Awards (download podcast)