Kim Vestal

If you think you’ve heard Kim Vestal’s voice somewhere before, you’re right!

In 1979, aftert graduating form San Jose State University, she began her broadcasting career in the news department at KLIV – then a top 40 music station.

For 22 years, Kim was in the morning voice of KLIV’s sister station, 105.7 KARA. From 1980 to 2002, she helped bay area radio listeners start their morning with her signature phrase, “get your buns outta bed!”

In 2006 she was delighted to return to her Empire Broadcasting family as part of 95.3 KRTY’s on-air roster.

Here’s what else you’ll find Kim doing when she’s not behind the microphone: After successfully battling Breast Cancer in 1999, she developed an interest in the healthcare field. For the past 5 year, Kim has worked as a medical assistant for a San Jose surgical dermatologist, Dr. Anthony, Badame. She also serves as a board member for the Santa Clara County American Cancer Society.

Kim and her husband Craig live in the Santa Cruz mountains with their 2 children: son Sam, 21, and daughter Hannah, 18.