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Environmental group says San Jose failed to stop pollution from washing into bay

    November 25, 2014--A lawsuit is being planned against the city of San Jose by an environmental group which claims the city has failed to stop pollution from washing into creeks and San Francisco Bay.
    The city has been accused by San Francisco Baykeeper of missing several deadlines to take any action to cleanup the areas,and has allowed pollutants to far exceed health standards in its creeks.
    City leaders say they are surprised by the action taken by the group and disappointed they didn't sit down with them to discuss the problems.
    The city has also pointed out that the number of sewage spills has been dropping recently, from about 200 in 2009 to about 135 last year, and the city is on pace this year to have fewer than 100.
    However, San Francisco Baykeeper says that's still too many.  Full Story

Eric Swallwell calls for greater perimeter security at Minets San Jose airport

    November 25, 2014--Following the weekend breach at Mineta San Jose International Airport, local Congressman Eric Swalwell is calling for increased perimeter security at the airport.
    Specifically, Swallwell said that the airport needs more automated security beyond the current six-foot tall fence topped with barbed wire - specifically sensors that report a breach.  Full Story

Today is a Spare the Air Day

    November 25, 2014--The cool, dry weather with light or no wind has prompted the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to issue its second Winter Spare the Air alert of the season today.
    District spokesman Tom Flannigan says the alert will not impact cooks who are grilling or smoking their turkeys, even if it is extended through Thursday -- also exempt are people who have wood burning as their sole source of heat.
    Bay Area residents who violate the burn ban during a Spare the Air Alert are subject to fines of 100 dollars or higher, although first time violators are allowed to take a wood smoke awareness class.  Full Story

Hewlett-Packard expected to post earnings today

    November 25, 2014--Palo Alto based HP will turn in its latest earnings sheet today. 
    It will be the tech giants first quarterly earnings report since the announcement last month that the company will divide into two firms. 
    According to Reuters, Analysts are calling for adjusted profits of a $1.06 per share for Hewlett Packard on sales of $28.8 billion.  Full Story    

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