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San Jose investigating 26th homicide of year

    San Jose police are investigating the apparent murder of a woman this morning.
    Officers responding to a call in the 1100 block of Oakland Road juste before 2:30 a.m. found a woman in her 40s suffering from blunt force trauma.
    She was declared dead at the scene soon after.
    Police say they have two persons of interest in custody at this time, as they begin to investigate the death.
    This is San Jose's 26th murder of the year.  Full Story

Reports says California motorists shelling out $44B a year due to rough roads

    A new report has been released that looks at how much California motorists must shell out due to deteriorating road conditions.
    Rocky Moretti with the non-profit group TRIP tells KLIV that the results are quite staggering: statewide, the rough roads, delays, and crashes are costing consumers $44 billion dollars a year.
    Moretti adds that drivers in the San Jose Metropolitan area lose roughly $1,700 a year driving on local roadways.  Full Story

Yahoo says government threatened to fine for opposing surveillance expansion

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Yahoo says the government threatened to fine the company $250,000 a day if it did not comply with demands to go along with an expansion of U.S. surveillance laws by surrendering online information, a step the company regarded as unconstitutional.    
       The outlines of Yahoo's secret and ultimately unsuccessful court fight against government surveillance emerged Thursday when a federal judge ordered the unsealing of some material about Yahoo's court challenge.
       In a statement, Yahoo said the government amended a law to demand user information from online services, prompting a challenge in 2007.  Full Story

Downtown San Jose bar could lose liquor license

    A downtown San Jose bar may lose its liquor license over alleged drug use and prostitution.
    The bar has a lease on life at the moment, however.
    A state Alcoholic Beverage Control hearing on El Tarasco was scheduled for this week, but it has been delayed til early November.
    San Jose Inside reports formal complaints were filed by the ABC in May.
    There have reportedly been over a hundred 911 calls from the bar at 14th and Mission Streets over the past two months.  Full Story

Mountain Lion believed to have attacked boy killed by wildlife crew

    A Mountain Lion believed to have attacked a six year old boy has been killed by a wildlife crew.
    A California Department of Fish and Wildlife crew caught up with the lion near the Pichetti Zinfandel Winery in Cupertino, where it reportedly became aggressive after climbing a tree. 
    The big cat was killed just 130 yards away from where it attacked the six year old on Sunday.
    That boy was treated and released for his injuries Monday. 
    The Department linked the animal to the attack by comparing its DNA with saliva found on the boy's shirt.  Full Story

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