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San Jose city council delays action on medical pot collective ballot initiative

    October 29, 2014--The San Jose City council has decided to wait until next week to vote on what to do about a ballot initiative that would ease the city's laws on medical pot clubs if passed. 
    Mayor Chuck Reed says the proposal is concerning to him because of how it applies to children.
    The initiative would also do away with restrictions that keep dispensaries away from schools in San Jose. 
    The council will have three choices next week: accept the initiative as is, put it in the general election in 2016, or hold a special election sometime sooner. 
    The overturn initiative got enough signatures to force the council to consider it.  Full Story 

Silicon Valley coalition wants more people to commute on Caltrain

    October 29, 2014--Some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley want to help Caltrain take more people to work. 
    A group known as the Caltrain Commuter Coalition has formed, with the specific purpose of making more room on Caltrain for employees who commute from San Francisco to the South Bay. 
    Despite its shuttle bus system, Google is one of the major companies involved in the lobby group.  Full Story

San Jose police investigating death of transient found in Newby Landfill

    October 29, 2014--San Jose Police are trying to figure out the circumstances surrounding the death of a transient who was found at a landfill near Milpitas last week.
    The body of 49-year old Donald Mills was discovered at the Newby Landfill on Dixon Landing road, on October 21st but how he got there and how he died remains a mystery.  
    Police believe Mills ended up at the landfill in a dump truck but where he was at the time is still unknown.  Full Story

Facebook posts solid earnings

    October 29, 2014--Menlo Park-based Facebook topped Wall Street analyst estimates for the third quarter as profits nearly doubled from a year ago to $806 million.  
    The profit increase is attributed to a boost in advertising revenue by 64 percent in the third quarter.
    Mobile ads are becoming an increasingly large chunk of the social networking giant's overall advertising business.
    The company reported revenue of $3.2 billion.
    Facebook's stock hit an all-time high yesterday of $81.16 a share before the results came out.  Full Story

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